Bring Who Here?

Join the Movement BringThemHereThe #BringThemHere movement is a grassroots movement to organize passionate and caring people who are witnessing the plight of Syrian families to organize and put pressure on our elected officials to bring Syrian refugees to our communities.

Our Goal:

Is to have dozens of BringThemHere movements in every major and minor city in the U.S. As we all work together we will let our communities, our elected officials, our country, and the world know that the people of the United States of America want to #BringThemHere.

How to Get Involved

How Can I Help?:

  1.  Lead the Movement: Join the Executive Core in order to bring the #BringThemHere movement in your community. CLICK HERE
  2.  Organize People: into the different action cores to put pressure on elected officials, raise awareness, and build a system of care for refugees.
  3.  Take Action: Hold rallies, marches, educational programs, one on one dialogues, press conferences, meetings with elected officials, letter writing campaigns, anything and everything to let the world know that when it comes to Syrian refuges you want to BringThemHere

I Joined, Now What?

Don't wait to hear from us, get started today.

Step 1Step 1: Hold a Event

Organize an Event

  • A March
  • A Rally
  • A Organizing Meeting
  • Panel Discussion
  • Educational Program

Step 2Step 2: Get Help & Build Your Teams

At the event register people to join your effort.

  • Have people signup for the different local cores.
  • Organize a follow-up meeting with interested people.
  • Put people into cores and let them assign their own tasks.

Step 3Step 3: Turn Up the Pressure on Politicians

Begin having your team put pressure on local, state and federal elected officials. All are important but federal officials such as your state Representative and Senator are the most important.

  • Organize meetings
  • Develop talking points
  • Organize letter writing campaign
  • Have constituents call in
  • Ask them to increase refugee cap & publicly support refugees coming here

step 4Step 4: Educate, Outreach & Build Coalitions

Keep the momentum going by organizing events and projects.

  • Organize rallies, marches, and protests
  • Begin speaking with members of the media
  • Push social media
  • Hold educational forms, public talks, panel discussions
  • Let it be known that we want to #BringThemHere


Step 5Step 5: Aaaaand Repeat, Innovate, and Grow!

  • Repeat
  • Innovate
  • Grow
  • Learn
  • & Build a Movement